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Papua New Guinea
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NiuPay Limited

PNG's new way to pay has arrived!

NiuPay is PNG’s first ever end-to-end payment service provider and we’ve partnered with Kina Bank to deliver the most secure payment gateway available in country.


    We deliver the functionality that your business needs, in a single, modern and integrated offering.

    • Receive payments online with seamless integration
    • Modernise your business processes
    • Substantially increase customer satisfaction
    • Automate manual processes and improve your business efficiency

    Scalability and Support

    We can deliver plug-and-play payment functionality, or we can seamlessly integrate our platform to encapsulate your business processes and customer life-cycle.

    • Real-time business intelligence.
    • SME "plug-and-play"
    • Local training and support
    • A platform which grows with your business

    Security and Compliance

    We take security and availability seriously. Our engineers maintain our cloud infrastructure in real-time, 24/7 and 365 days per year.

    • The only 3D Secure 2.0 solution available in PNG
    • No new infrastructure required
    • Automated updates, fail-over and data resiliency guarantees as standard
    • Zero-trust security framework (trust no one, verify everything) designed around the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

    easy to use

    NiuPay makes online transactions possible!


    Anyone with a branded debit or credit card can make easy, fast and secure payments for goods and services online, from the comfort of their home or office.

    Built for PNG

    Off-the-shelf software doesn’t work in PNG  –  Our highly flexible payment gateways and billing platforms have been developed from the ground up for local customers, businesses, corporations and government departments.

    We're local

    While the name might be new, our various teams have been operating out of our Six Mile facility for over 16 years. We understand the value of local support, training and implementation.

    Compliance & regulation

    Our platforms and payment gateways are developed around current compliance and regulatory frameworks mandated in PNG. As regulation develops, so do our products and features.

    Easy to implement

    NiuPay takes the hard work out of accepting online payments. Whether it’s our WordPress plugin or highly-scalable corporate billing platform, our products can be integrated into almost any existing business technology stack.


    Reconcile instantly

    For each customer order, both the customer and business will instantly receive a payment confirmation. For the business, that incoming payment is also automatically reconciled against your various internal accounting and financial systems. Perhaps the most exciting news is that you will also see these funds in your account same day!

    Businesses, corporations and government departments can then provide goods and services, with peace of mind knowing they’ve received payments in full.

    So how much more efficient are digital payments? Studies have shown that, depending on your organisation type, you can realise up to a 50x decrease in costs on a per transactions level compared to face-to-face.

    Up to 50x lower cost than face-to-face payments
    Up to 30x lower cost than postal payments
    Up to 20x lower cost than phone payments

    world class platform

    Which NiuPay platform are you interested in?

    SME - Small to medium sized businesses

    For small business owners

    For smaller businesses who want to start taking payments online through their existing website or app, or if you're starting from scratch.

    • Plugins for popular eCommerce platforms
    • Easy to setup
    • Use your existing website
    • Customised solutions available upon request
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    Government and state-owned enterprise

    For government and SOE

    Fully integrated, end-to-end cashless revenue collection, no matter the scale or complexity.

    • Reduce associated per payment cost by up to 50x
    • Integrate and/or replace legacy databases, systems and ERP software.
    • Offer value-added services, quickly and easily
    • Zero risk payment model
    • Streamline customer communication and internal processes
    • Always updated, always secure and always supported
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    Billing and invoicing

    For billing and invoicing

    Offering cloud-based billing and invoicing solutions to merchants requiring a bespoke solution. With capabilities for integration into non in-house accounting software such as Xero and MYOB.

    • Integration into popular cloud-based accounting software
    • Start invoicing and billing quickly
    • Customised to your requirements
    • Quick and easy to integrate
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    NiuPay works with . Let us show you what our platform can do and how your business can benefit.

    news and blog

    Stay up to date with news and articles from the NiuPay team

    fast, reliable, secure

    The benefits of moving to a
    cloud-based revenue collection platform.

    With NiuPay, the necessary infrastructure is always ready. There’s no servers to deploy, and there’s no desktop applications to install. We take care of any prerequisite integrations into your business systems including discovery, data clean up, links and extractions.

    Your organisation will see real-world benefits from our platform, within 24 hours of going live.

    Data security used to mean locking the server room door and forcing long passwords. Today, it means hardened virtual security with frequent patching, testing, and verification. Your traditional systems are at constant risk from new and emerging threats.

    NiuPay has a comprehensive, end-to-end zero-trust security framework. We build security into every layer of the NiuPay environment. A holistic approach to security lets us anticipate and minimise disruptions, giving you more up-time and better peace-of-mind.

    Most IT and finance teams spend too much time on low-value activities. Whether they’re simply maintaining physical servers or manually trying to wrangle reports out of legacy databases, they’re not innovating. By offloading that work to NiuPay, you empower your people to work on more strategic and rewarding projects.

    Moving your billing, invoicing, payments, service delivery, customer support and business processes to the cloud doesn’t mean that your existing staff go away. In fact, a cloud-based SaaS model increases resource utilisation and return-on-investment (ROI). Now, you can put that talent to work performing value-added tasks that are better aligned with your growth strategy.

    With NiuPay, you can more easily adopt new business technologies to stay well ahead of the game.

    Mobile professionals power your organisation. Sales, service, support and operational staff expect access from their mobile devices when they’re out in the field. Customers and vendors expect self-service access to business data. Even onsite staff, such as operators and logistical personnel, need to stay connected as they move about.

    Connect your employees, vendors, partners, and customers with accurate, real-time data. NiuPay’s platform empowers you to integrate across your entire value chain. When everyone can access secure, real-time information, they can collaborate better, make decisions more confidently, and improve efficiency.

    Move beyond email and spreadsheets with a cloud strategy. Leverage powerful analytics, business intelligence, handheld technologies, artificial intelligence, internet-of-things (IOT), and much more with the NiuPay platform.

    cutting edge technology stack

    For those who are interested
    in the technologies we use every day.


    Highly available. Highly accessible.

    NiuPay’s solutions are accessible by design. Our platforms can be utilised by businesses and consumers on almost any device, anywhere in the world  –  from direct analytics in an office setting to mobile access for field agents collecting data.

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