Homegrown, PNG developed solutions

NiuPay partners with public sector organisations across the South Pacific to solve tough problems with high-impact digital solutions

We're the apples in a world full of oranges -- say goodbye to one-size-fits-all and embrace solutions that are perfect fit, delivered on an all-inclusive, win-win basis.

A better G2C & G2B

NiuPay transforms the way public sector organisations interact with citizens by digitising services and automating processes.

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  • Building Trust

NiuPay’s dedication to security and transparency helps in building trust with stakeholders. Our adherence to global best practices ensures data protection and confidentiality.

Breaking Geographical Boundaries

Limited access to government services in remote regions is a prevailing challenge. NiuPay’s cloud-native solutions ensure that essential services are accessible from anywhere with a basic internet connection.

Solution Approach

How we ensure value and lasting impact for our clients

1. Bespoke Solutions

Crafting custom cloud-based solutions, precisely addressing the distinct challenges and needs of the Pacific public sector.

2. Industry Compliance

Adhering to stringent standards like SOC2, CIS, and AWS Well-Architected Framework, ensuring solutions are reliable, secure, and efficient.

3. Data Integrity

Implementing robust security measures and compliance protocols to safeguard sensitive data and maintain privacy across all solutions.

4. Regional Expertise

Leveraging in-depth local knowledge and skills to develop solutions that resonate with the cultural and operational nuances of the Pacific region.

5. Technological Innovation

Utilising AWS's latest technologies to create scalable, resilient solutions that propel digital transformation in government services.

6. Transparent Engagement

Fostering strong, trust-based relationships with stakeholders through clear, honest communication and a commitment to shared success.

AWS Public
Sector Partner

As the first and only AWS APN Partner in the Pacific Islands, NiuPay leads in delivering AWS-powered cloud solutions that meet complex public sector needs.

Digitising PNG's
Revenue Collection

In partnership with Kina Bank, PNG's digital banking leader, NiuPay is at the forefront of transforming financial services with secure, user-friendly digital solutions.

AWS Select Tier
Services Partner

This achievement not only sets a new benchmark in our commitment to providing exceptional cloud-based solutions but also aligns us more closely with AWS's standards of excellence and innovation.