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All about us

We do Software as a Service

NiuPay platforms are as Software-as-a-Service or “SaaS“. There’s no licensing, renewal or upgrade fees.

Our cloud engineers and software developers keep NiuPay platforms highly available and highly secure at all times, which means our customers can focus on doing what they do best without the hassles and costs associated with traditional software.

We are end-to-end

NiuPay is the first PNG-based organisation to offer end-to-end, online, financial-technology solutions to Government, SOE’s and SME’s with a focus on cashless revenue-collection and secure, cloud-based data processing.

NiuPay’s web-based applications and cloud-based infrastructure have been specifically developed from the ground-up for the PNG private and public sectors by directly addressing the unique challenges and complexities of the PNG digital landscape.


We build beautiful, intuitive and fit-for-purpose software.

a bit about us

Who are NiuPay?

NiuPay, based at Six Mile, Port Moresby, works collaboratively with Government, State Owned Enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses/enterprises to develop and integrate comprehensive online payment, billing and customer experience solutions.

NiuPay is the first PNG-based organisation to offer end-to-end, cloud-based, financial technology solutions to Government, SOEs and SMEs with a focus on cashless revenue collection, cloud-based data processing and process streamlining.


NiuPay works in partnership with Kina Bank and card providers to ensure all transactions are safe and secure. You can spend less time worrying about where you money is going.


NiuPay transactions happen instantly. You'll be able to spend more time on the delivery of your goods or services and less time on manual reconciliation processes and cash handling.


We're 100% cloud-based and we're all about bringing world-class technologies to Papua New Guinea. We manage the complexities while you take advantage of hyper-scalable and secure NiuPay infrastructure.


We maintain the security of our platforms 24/7, 365 days per year. Every line of code that we write and every piece of infrastructure that we deploy is done so with a security-first focus.


The NiuPay

Local platform, local training and local suppot

The name might be new, but we’ve been operating out of our facility at Six Mile since 2004. We understand the value in having truly local support now and well into the future.

Once we know what sort of NiuPay platform suits you best, we’ll look at how best to implement it. Working collaboratively with you, we’ll outline and agree on what we need to do and when.


Training on our platforms

Change management and knowledge transfer is critical in the success of any new business system. Our trainers will work with your key staff to make sure they have the knowledge to pass on to the rest of their staff  –  now and into the future.

In short, we’ll make sure everyone in your organisation knows how to use your new technology  –  and make the change process as smooth as possible.


Data migration

Should your organisation choose to replace their existing data management systems such as local data servers, data may need to be moved from it’s current location. Our expertise in this field means we can integrate and/or extract from almost any existing database type (eg. SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Postgres, and so on), old or new, on premises or cloud.

In most instances this in itself also represents significant cost savings to your organisation.


Checking your existing systems

Most organisations have a wide variety of legacy and under-performing systems in place.

No matter the systems you have, our experts will be able to provide recommendations for creating new efficiencies through various forms of integrations and/or complete or partial system replacements.


Intuitive, unique and bespoke platforms

We have the in-house expertise to not only tailor NiuPay’s core platform to your needs, but also create an entirely bespoke system based around our framework if necessary to meet your needs  –  talk to one of our experts today to work out which NiuPay platform will work best for your organisation.


Our values

We are motivated

Everyone at NiuPay is motivated by the drive to build and develop systems which make real-world differences in the lives of individuals and organisations in PNG. Our employees believe they are part of something truly revolutionary for PNG and continuously strive to deliver improvement through everything they do.

Transparency and communication

We have a culture of honest communications, both internally and with our customers. There are no hidden fees or surprises that will catch you off guard. By utilising our platform, you have direct access to our project managers and executives whose only focus is your success.

Customer success

We do everything in our power to make our customers successful in achieving their goals and satisfying their organisational missions. We are only successful when you are successful.


Organisations in PNG face many complex challenges. We are dedicated to finding innovative and simple solutions to help resolve your issues. By embracing cutting-edge and world-class technologies, we can consistently deliver real-world results.

We take the long view

Our customers are our partners. Our mindset is that all parties involved have a common goal and we will reach that goal faster by working in close collaboration. You can rest assured that for as long as your organisation is utilising the NiuPay platform, it will be supported now and into the future.


We are committed to delivering world-class products and services to PNG-based organisations. We are based in PNG and are committed to growing in PNG, with PNG, for PNG!

We're passionate about


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