On behalf of the entire NiuPay family, I’m excited to announce that, in partnership with the Department of Lands and Physical Planning and Kina Bank, has successfully introduced a digital self-service kiosk in Papua New Guinea. This initiative is part of an ongoing trial, initially focusing on the eLands project.

James Inglis – CEO, NiuPay Limited

👷‍♂️ Embracing Local Talent: These kiosks, designed and built within Papua New Guinea, are a testament to the incredible local talent and innovation. It’s an honour to be part of a project that showcases such remarkable in-country capabilities.

💳 Enhancing Service Accessibility: Integrating Kina Bank’s advanced payment systems, the kiosks offer an intuitive platform for land service transactions, making them more accessible and efficient. It’s a leap forward in using technology to simplify and improve public services.

🌍 Inclusivity in the Digital Age: Our goal with the digital self-service kiosks is to ensure that digital services are accessible to everyone. By providing an interactive, physical platform, we’re helping bridge the digital divide, catering to all citizens, regardless of their digital comfort level.

📈 Positive Impact on Service Delivery: Since its launch, the kiosk will demonstrate an exponential improvement towards streamlining services, reducing wait times, transforming front end facing counter services and elevating overall efficiency. It’s inspiring to see how technology can be leveraged to enhance public service delivery.

📊 Expansion Plans: The current trial in Port Moresby is just the starting point. We are excited about the prospect of expanding these kiosks across Papua New Guinea, broadening their impact and reach for the public use.

A huge thank you to our dedicated team at NiuPay, the Department of Lands and Physical Planning, and Kina Bank for their invaluable collaboration and hard work in making this project a reality.

We are excited about the practical, real-world benefits these kiosks will bring to service delivery in PNG! 

James Inglis – CEO, NiuPay Limited