NiuPay: Leading the charge in digital transformation in the South Pacific's public sector

"Discover NiuPay, a trailblazer in bespoke cloud-native solutions, deeply rooted in the South Pacific. Our journey began in Port Moresby with a vision to bridge technology gaps in local government sectors, bringing innovative, reliable, and geographically attuned digital services to the forefront. At NiuPay, we blend global tech standards with local expertise, delivering a unique blend of solutions that resonate with and uplift our communities. Join us in exploring how NiuPay is reshaping the digital landscape, one solution at a time."

Our Mission

NiuPay is committed to transforming public sector services in the South Pacific through high impact, reliable and regionally attuned digital solutions. Its mission centres on bridging the technological divide, thereby elevating the efficiency and reach of government services for improved community welfare. Emphasising innovation informed by deep local insights and steadfast integrity, NiuPay aspires to be the region’s go-to partner in its journey towards a digitally inclusive and empowered future. Each initiative undertaken by NiuPay is a stride towards meaningful and sustainable progress, tailored to resonate with and effectively serve the unique needs of the communities in the Pacific.

Our Motto

Less ground-breakings, more ribbon-cuttings.

Our people: A team united by vision and driven by passion

At NiuPay, we believe that our greatest asset is our people. A diverse team of passionate, skilled, and committed professionals forms the backbone of our company. From software engineers and cloud experts to customer support specialists and project managers, every member of our team plays a crucial role in delivering exceptional digital solutions.

Our strength in diversity

Our strength lies in the diversity of our team. With a rich blend of local experts and international talent, we bring together a unique mix of perspectives, skills, and experiences. This diversity not only fosters innovation and creativity but also ensures that our solutions are culturally attuned and globally competent.

Commitment to our mission

What truly sets our team apart is their commitment to NiuPay’s mission. Every member of our team is dedicated to bridging the technological divide in the South Pacific. We are united in our goal to elevate the efficiency and reach of government services, thereby enhancing community welfare.

Our story

In 2018, a homegrown initiative took root in the heart of Papua New Guinea. NiuPay, conceived by a team deeply knowledgeable about the local market, embarked on a mission to enhance the delivery of public services through tailored digital solutions. This initiative was born from a recognition of the need for services that were not only effective but also resonant with the unique context of the South Pacific.


NiuPay’s journey began with a clear objective: to fill the gaps in digital service delivery within the public sector. Their first project in 2018 was the starting point of what would become a series of impactful solutions, each designed to address specific regional challenges. These solutions aimed to simplify complex processes, improve accessibility, and increase the efficiency of public services.


A significant step in NiuPay’s growth was the formation of a strategic partnership with Kina Bank in 2020. This collaboration with PNG’s leading digital bank was more than a commercial alliance; it was a shared commitment to fostering digital accessibility and inclusion throughout PNG. The partnership was a natural extension of both organisations’ vision for a digitally enabled future.


In 2021, NiuPay achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first organisation in PNG to be recognised as an AWS Well-Architected partner within the AWS Partner Network. This status was an acknowledgment of NiuPay’s dedication to delivering high-quality, secure, and efficient digital solutions.


Outside of PNG, NiuPay’s expertise was showcased in the Solomon Islands, where their technology assisted in the smooth processing of over 10,000 passengers for the Pacific Games 2023. This project highlighted NiuPay’s capability to manage large-scale operations and make a positive impact beyond its home country.


Back home in PNG, NiuPay has played a crucial role in improving various public services. This includes modernising payment system for the Immigration & Citizenship Services Authority and revamping the land management system for the Department of Lands and Physical Planning. The introduction of locally-issued card payments online and the operation of significant online revenue collection platforms are notable examples of NiuPay’s contribution to PNG’s digital infrastructure.


NiuPay’s story is one of local innovation and commitment to enhancing public sector services in the South Pacific. It’s a tale of a company that has grown from its local roots to make a substantial impact in the region, driven by a desire to create solutions that are not only technologically sound but also meaningful to the communities they serve.