Substantially reduce or eliminate overheads associated with manual reconciliation practices

In the dynamic realm of public sector finance, the ability to effectively manage diverse revenue streams and ensure accurate reconciliation is crucial. NiuPay stands at the forefront of this challenge, offering a suite of customised Revenue Collection and Reconciliation solutions. Tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client, our technology adapts to your unique financial landscape. From handling card payments and bank transfers to processing cheques, our solutions are designed for seamless automation, eliminating the need for manual intervention and dramatically reducing the risk of errors.

This automation ensures that all forms of revenue are accurately tracked, reconciled, and reported, providing a comprehensive financial management tool that enhances both efficiency and accountability.

We've partnered with Kina Bank, Papua New Guinea's leading digital bank, to provide unparalleled revenue collection and reconciliation solutions.

Empowering digital
finance with NiuPay

NiuPay is dedicated to enhancing financial transactions in the Pacific region through advanced digital solutions. Our mission focuses on providing secure, efficient, and user-friendly digital payment and revenue collection services, utilising cloud-native technology for scalability and adaptability to meet diverse client needs.

Innovative banking
with Kina Bank

Kina Bank, a leader in Papua New Guinea's banking sector, commits to enhancing the banking experience through innovative technology and customer-focused services. Kina Bank's mission is to provide secure, effective, and accessible banking solutions, promoting financial inclusion and progress across the region.

Kina Bank Partnerships


No-hassle revenue collection

  • No upfront costs, all-inclusive Service Level Agreement
  • Fully-managed enterprise infrastructure
  • Unrivalled data security, integrity & availability
  • Always-current cloud-architecture
  • End-to-end customer cycle experience platform
  • Automatically reconciled EFT, Cheque & Card payments
  • Online and point-of-sale kiosk
  • Real-time collection intelligence & reporting
  • Tailored to augment your business processess
  • Custom connectors to legacy business systems

How we solve your problems

NiuPay's implementation process for revenue collection and reconciliation solutions is crafted to ensure a seamless transition and optimal functionality. We begin with a comprehensive analysis of your current systems and financial processes, followed by close collaboration with your team to understand specific needs and challenges. Our experts then design a custom solution that integrates smoothly with your existing infrastructure, ensuring minimal disruption. Throughout the process, we prioritise clear communication and training to empower your team with the new tools. Post-implementation, NiuPay provides ongoing support and optimisation to ensure continuous improvement and adaptation to evolving needs.

  • In-depth System Analysis
  • Collaborative Needs Assessment
  • Custom Solution Design
  • Seamless System Integration
  • Empowering Team Training
  • Continuous Support & Optimisation



Satisfaction Guaranteed


Some common questions we get asked

Our reconciliation platform has been developed from the ground up for “messy” financial data and, in some cases, a lack of any meaningful data altogether! We’ll analyse, transform and contextualise almost any source of financial data, regardless of the standard or format.
Our algorithms typically match approximately 99% of all EFT and Cheque payments automatically, with zero human intervention. For the remaining unmatched payments, accuracy will increase naturally over time as our platform starts to “learn” your customer behaviour.
No problem! We’re used to working with both off-the-shelf and bespoke financial reporting and accounting systems. For example, if you need to supply clean, reconciled financial data to a Government authority, we can provide you with an appropriate connector to do this – zero humans.
Absolutely! In fact, this is one of the included “above and beyond” services that we provide to assist organisations to ensure they are maximising the value of our platform.
Automation streamlines your financial processes, significantly reduces the risk of human error, and enhances efficiency. It ensures accurate tracking and reconciliation of payments, leading to improved financial integrity and accountability.
Security is a top priority at NiuPay. Our solutions are built with state-of-the-art security measures, including data encryption and secure authentication, to protect sensitive financial information and maintain the highest standards of data integrity.

We're the first and only technology provider in Papua New Guinea to offer end-to-end automated reconciliation. From data ingestion and matching to crediting, receipting and reporting. Zero humans, zero error. Forget about bank feeds and migrate to an automated, seamless reconciliation platform.

Above 90% reduction in costs associated with reconciliation

  • Accurate reconciliation