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NiuPay and AWS: A hand-in-hand digital future

At NiuPay, we specialise in delivering managed AWS-native solutions that are integral to modernising public sector services across the Pacific Islands. Our approach is rooted in simplicity and efficiency, ensuring each solution is precisely tailored to meet the unique requirements of government entities.

Leverage cloud benefits with NiuPay and AWS - where flexibility meets expertise.

At NiuPay, together with AWS, we tailor our digital modernisation services to harmonise with your organisation’s present and future aspirations. Our managed AWS cloud solutions offer the efficiency and expertise needed for immediate digital advancement, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience.


We appreciate the diversity in our clients’ long-term strategies. While some may prefer the ongoing support and ease of our managed services, others might look towards gradually building their in-house capabilities. We’re here to support both paths, offering enriching training and skill development as part of our commitment to your growth and autonomy.


Our approach is not just about providing solutions; it’s about empowering your journey with flexibility and choice. Whether it’s harnessing the full potential of cloud technology with our ongoing support or paving the way for your team’s future self-sufficiency, we’re dedicated to aligning our modernisation services with your evolving needs and goals.

Are you navigating the complex landscape of digital transformation within the public sector? NiuPay's collaboration with AWS is specifically designed for a diverse range of entities seeking to embrace cloud technology's full potential. Here's how to determine if NiuPay's modernisation solutions are the right fit for you:

Government Entities Seeking Comprehensive Digital Overhaul

Ideal for government departments and agencies at any level (national, regional, or local) that are looking to modernize their legacy systems and transition to a more agile, cloud-based infrastructure.

Particularly suited for entities aiming to leverage the cloud for improved citizen engagement, streamlined services, and enhanced operational efficiency.

Educational Institutions Ready for a Digital Leap

Perfect for schools, colleges, universities, and other educational bodies looking to migrate to the cloud for better data management, collaborative tools, and e-learning platforms.

Beneficial for institutions requiring robust, scalable, and secure IT infrastructure to support the growing needs of digital education.

Non-Profit Organizations Embracing Technological Advancements

Ideal for NGOs, foundations, and other non-profits striving to optimise their operations, manage donor data securely, and increase outreach through cloud-based solutions.

Especially useful for organisations requiring cost-effective, scalable solutions to adapt to varying workloads and funding scenarios.

Public Sector Entities Focused on Data Security and Compliance

Tailored for entities dealing with sensitive data and requiring stringent security and compliance standards, including data encryption, access control, and comprehensive threat detection.

Government Bodies Looking for Tailored Training and Capacity Building

Suited for public sector organisations seeking not only technology solutions but also comprehensive training programs to empower their staff to manage and utilize cloud tools effectively.

Entities Undergoing Cloud Migration and Infrastructure Management

Designed for entities transitioning from traditional IT setups to a more dynamic, cloud-based infrastructure, requiring expert guidance and support throughout the migration process.

Ideal for public sector bodies looking to revamp their digital presence and services, from citizen engagement platforms to internal operational systems, through custom-developed software solutions.

Why Amazon Web Services is the premier choice for cloud services

1. Unmatched Global Infrastructure

AWS provides an extensive and continually expanding global network of data centers and nodes. This robust infrastructure ensures unparalleled scalability, high availability, and reduced latency for applications and services, crucial for the dynamic needs of public sector entities across the Pacific Islands.

2. Comprehensive Security and Compliance

AWS leads in offering a secure cloud computing environment with end-to-end encryption, robust data protection, and a wide array of compliance certifications. This ensures adherence to strict data security standards, crucial for government, education, and non-profit sectors managing sensitive data.

3. Innovative and Diverse Services Portfolio

AWS offers a vast range of services, including advanced computing, database, storage, and machine learning capabilities. This diversity enables NiuPay to develop innovative, AWS-native solutions that are tailored to the unique challenges and needs of our clients in the public sector.

4. Cost-Effectiveness and Flexibility

AWS's pay-as-you-go pricing model offers cost-effective solutions for cloud computing. This flexibility is ideal for public sector institutions managing tight budgets, allowing them to scale services as needed without upfront investments.

5. Reliability and High-Performance Standards

AWS guarantees high performance and reliability with multi-region backup options, ensuring minimal service interruptions and data loss. This is critical for public sector entities requiring consistent and reliable access to cloud services for essential operations.

What does the modernisation journey look like with NiuPay?

Initial Consultation and Discovery

At the outset of our journey, we engage in a thorough consultation and discovery phase. During this initial meeting, our team of AWS-certified professionals closely collaborates with your organisation to understand your unique challenges, goals, and the existing IT infrastructure.


This crucial step allows us to gain deep insights into your operational needs and to identify opportunities for cloud integration and digital transformation. We focus on understanding not just your technological requirements but also the broader business objectives, ensuring that any proposed solutions align perfectly with your strategic goals.

Custom Solution Design and Planning

Based on insights gathered during the discovery phase, our experts design a customised solution that leverages AWS's robust capabilities. This plan is not just a blueprint for technical implementation but a comprehensive strategy encompassing aspects like cloud architecture, data security, compliance requirements, and potential business impact.


Our team ensures that this custom solution is tailored to your organisation's specific needs, offering scalability, improved efficiency, and a clear path for digital transformation.

Proof of Concept and Validation

Before full-scale implementation, we develop a proof of concept (PoC) to demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed AWS solution. This step is critical for validating the custom solution against real-world scenarios, providing a practical glimpse into the future state.


It allows for adjustments based on feedback, ensuring that the final solution is fine-tuned to your organisation’s specific operational context and objectives.

Implementation and Integration

With the validated plan and PoC, we move into the implementation phase. Our team of AWS experts oversees the deployment of cloud solutions, ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems.


We manage all aspects of the migration to AWS, from setting up the infrastructure to transferring data, all while minimising disruption to your daily operations. This phase also involves rigorous testing to ensure that all components are functioning optimally within the new cloud environment.

Training and Empowerment

Empowering your team is key to maximising the benefits of AWS modernisation. We provide comprehensive training and support, ensuring your staff are well-equipped to leverage the new cloud-based tools and systems effectively.


This step includes hands-on training sessions, detailed documentation, and ongoing support to facilitate a smooth transition and to foster confidence in using the new cloud infrastructure and applications.

Ongoing Management and Optimisation

Our engagement doesn’t end with the implementation. We offer continuous management and optimisation services to ensure that your AWS environment evolves in line with emerging technologies and your changing business needs.


This includes regular performance monitoring, security updates, compliance checks, and proactive improvements. Our goal is to ensure that your cloud infrastructure remains robust, secure, and aligned with best practices, enabling you to focus on core business activities.


Modernisation in Practice: Papua New Guinea Department of Lands and Physical Planning

In partnership with NiuPay, the Department of Lands and Physical Planning (DLPP) embarked on a transformative journey to modernise their land management systems. This collaboration led to the development and deployment of GoLands and eLands, two innovative platforms designed and developed atop NiuPay’s MissionReady, fully-managed architecture.


  • Launch Date: August 2020
  • Nature of Project: Brownfield – Fully managed cloud infrastructure (end-to-end)
  • Time to Initial Deployment: 6 Months
  • Current Status: Active and ongoing

NiuPay's Contribution

  • End-to-End Infrastructure Management and Development: NiuPay actively manages and maintains DLPP’s cloud infrastructure, ensuring seamless operation and robust security. Additionally, NiuPay is responsible for the design and development of GoLands and eLands, tailored to meet the specific requirements of the DLPP. This approach ensures that the platforms are perfectly aligned with the department’s unique operational needs.

  • Consistent System Availability: GoLands/eLands achieved 99.998% availability in 2023, measured on a minute-by-minute basis. This ongoing commitment to reliability shows NiuPay’s dedication to operational excellence and uninterrupted service delivery.

  • Response to Client Needs: NiuPay demonstrates its commitment to exceptional client service by rapidly addressing any issues raised by DLPP, typically responding within minutes. This proactive approach ensures quick resolution of concerns, maintaining high operational efficiency and client satisfaction.


DLPP faced operational challenges due to outdated systems and disjointed data management. These issues led to inefficient land rental billing/collection and complicated land management procedures. The lack of a unified digital system resulted in reduced visibility on land ownership changes and hindered public access to services.

Solution Approach

NiuPay employed AWS technologies to create GoLands (an internal management platform) and eLands (a public service portal). These platforms were created to overcome the challenges of legacy systems by offering seamless, cloud-based land management solutions.

Key AWS Services Utilised

Route53, WAF, CloudFront, S3, RDS Aurora, EC2, Fargate, ALB, SSO, Organisations, CodePipeline, CodeBuild, ECR, KMS, IAM, ElastiCache, VPN, VPC, Simple Email Service, WorkMail, Kinesis, ElasticSearch, SHIELD, Certificate Manager, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Macie, Guard Duty, Glue, Security Hub, Athena, and others.

Data Management & Integration

NiuPay implemented a thorough data integration strategy, ensuring seamless interaction between GoLands, various on-premises systems, and GIS/EDMS tools. This established a unified and reliable data source, crucial for DLPP's operations.

Key Features of NiuPay's Managed Services
  • Fully Managed Cloud Infrastructure: Utilising AWS, NiuPay provided a secure, scalable, and efficient cloud-native environment.
  • Technical and Software Expertise: NiuPay's team managed all technical aspects of the platforms, from initial design to ongoing support, security and enhancements.
  • Real-Time Data Integration: Bridging the gap between cloud and on-premises systems, ensuring data consistency and accessibility.
Outcomes Achieved
  • Revitalised Revenue Collection: Identified over PGK350 million in outstanding rental arrears, enhancing DLPP’s financial operations.
  • Operational Excellence: Automation and digitalisation reduced errors and streamlined processes.
  • Public Service Transformation: Accessible online services for land management, elevating citizen engagement and satisfaction.
  • Future-Proofing: Ongoing enhancements and integrations to align with DLPP's evolving digital needs.
Hassle-free initiation

A look into NiuPay's cloud-native MissionReady architecture

Qualified against the Amazon Web Services' Well-architected program, and compliant against a variety of cybersecurity standards, MissionReady is your turn-key solution to modernising your applications.

MissionReady architecture